• ENTSO-E is the Brussels based association of the European Electricity TSOs which, on a non-profit-making basis, pursues the co-operation of the European TSOs both on pan-European and regional levels. It coordinates TSOs’ actions in the fields of transmission system operation, system development, market development and research.

  • The work is focused on promoting completion and functioning of the internal energy market in electricity and cross border trade. Furthermore, it has an active and important role in the European rule setting process, in compliance with EU legislation (network codes, Ten-Year Network Development Plans).

  • The legally mandated tasks assigned to ENTSO-E in several EU Regulations, including the 2009 Regulation on Cross-Border Electricity Trading and the 2013 Regulation on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure, significantly shape ENTSO-E’s work.

  • The EU’s Council, Parliament, and Commission have assigned these mandates to ENTSO-E because the TSOs are independent, thoroughly regulated and pursue the interests of the society at large.

  • TSOs are neutral in the energy markets and their responsibility and expertise are crucial for most energy policy goals, as large power systems are among the most complex systems ever created, both in their spatial and temporal dimensions.

  • Being the legally mandated association of European TSOs, and given the important neutral role of the TSOs, ENTSO-E provides to policy makers, regulators, market participants and the public valuable information about the European power system in publications and information systems.

  • Besides information and data, ENTSO-E also provides important analyses and proposals, based on its legally mandated tasks, or taking initiative for the benefit for the society, building on the TSOs’ experience in operating and developing the European transmission systems, as well as in building up an efficient electricity market.

Principles of conduct

  • Regulation of the TSOs is designed to align their interests with those of consumers and society at large. Therefore, in shaping analyses, providing advice, making proposals and discharging our formal responsibilities, ENTSO-E is committed to always focusing on the public interest.

  • ENTSO-E listens and strives to understand customers, stakeholders and other relevant parties’ concerns.

  • ENTSO-E aims to explain its work products in easy-to-understand ways, and aims to continuously improve the quality of its work products using stakeholder feedback as an important contribution.

  • ENTSO-E respectfully receives energy policy direction, laws, guidelines and regulatory rulings from the national and European governments, Council, Parliament, Commission and regulators and provides them feedback on the implications of policy decisions. Policymakers can count on ENTSO-E to support them in the delivery of such energy policy measures and, where directly applicable to pan-European TSO activity, to provide leadership in implementation.